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Thread: surf tooner

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    Quote Originally Posted by bergermaister View Post
    Pretty sure I DO NOT want my wife to get wind of this...
    +1 on that

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikenehrkorn View Post
    +1 on that
    I actually TOLD my wife about it 🤣

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    I'm still not sold on this. Maybe when I retire. Get a one level patio home, a wagon, a golf cart to run quick to the store at the retirement community and a surf toon boat for when the grand kids come to visit. Also make sure I have a year supply of Metamucil.

    Kidding aside, I committed the mistake of buying a 24ft Bennington pontoon. New, Very nice, plush seats, lounger in back, very comfortable. Our family went on a shared week vacation with good family friends of ours and rented a lake cabin. We had 5 kids total. My buddy owned a Mastercraft X23. I never saw my kids again. They learned to surf, wakeboard, did tubing. They had a blast. They would not ride our toon even if I bribed them. My wife and I felt abandoned and we promised we would not let this happen to us again, we had to win our kids back.

    So, the following week I went to the Moomba dealer and saw the Mojo, fell in love and signed the papers. Will never look back again.
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    I see this being a hit for people/families that use there boat for entertainment and ease of getting on the boat.

    There is no way my parents or in laws would ever be able to get on my SA. But they could get on a pontoon boat.

    Frankly, I am ok with them not getting on the I learned a long time ago to buy toys and vehicles that work for your immediate needs versus buying something that you may need to accommodate rare occasions.

    Full props for the concept of this boat.

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