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    Default New surfer to go with my new Moomba Helix

    Just bought a new Moomba helix and as part of my deal I got $1000 to spend at the pro shop. They have hyperlite and slingshot boards. Any recommendations? I currently have the ronix koal fish 5'6. I like it but its a little on the big side. I had my eye on the hyperlite automatic but I am open to suggestions from either brand. I ride more surf style, but have thought about a skim style board.

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    Ask them to demo a couple boards before you buy one. Every rider is different, but the hyperlite HI FI is a fun fast super loose board. The hyperlite broadcast is also good choice for more surf style. Havenít rode any of the other hyperlite models though

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    I have a HiFi on the way so that would be my choice but only because I'm looking for more of a skim style since I already have a Doomswell Neo surfer.
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    The Automatic is an awesome surfer! It's fast and reactive when you need it, or if you cruise mellow so does the board. I'm glad I went with it. I don't think you'll be disappointed. The Quad is pretty slow. So if you like working the wave that one will make you work for it. The broadcast is also slow, and slow reactive. Shim isn't my favorite board. Hi Fi is an awesome skim. But Automatic is my favorite surfer style

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