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    Default Throwing code spn: 3256 FMI:5

    Just noticed last night that my check engine light came on. I didn't get a pop up alarm on the display like I have in the past, so I can only assume it's not an urgent alarm. A quick Google search came up with this info in the following pic. I plan on calling the dealer, but I'd like to get a morning set in and they don't open for a few hours. Can anyone tell me how serious this is? I imagine it's just going to effect emissions, but again, I don't know.

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    It's fine just ignore it, you can disconnect the battery to clear it. But you will need a new o2 sensor. It will keep nagging until replaced and you lose some performance and mpg.
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    Yup my '14 345 failed both O2 sensors. $150 gone pretty minor.
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