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    Ran the boat hard all weekend. Thing is running great with no water in the oil, motor is smoother than before and has great power.

    My only issue still is the hard starting without advancing the throttle. I've believe it is either carb adjustment or another recommendation was my timing could be slightly off. I'm in the process of finding someone to adjust the carb, I seem to be missing a adjustment screw on one side. Another possibility is the auto choke is not working, I need to get a tester down and will check tomorrow.

    Thanks for the interest and help!
    2001 Moomba Mobius V
    Upgrades in with works-boats new to me 10/17

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    Glad to hear you're almost back to normal. Damn carburetors. So glad I have the TBI setup!
    The years have been kind, it's the weekends that have done the damage.

    2001 MobiusV - Loaded with Ballast, Exile, Blood, Sweat & Beers

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