Hey Guys,

First post here, first time boat owner as well. I just picked up a 2004 Moomba LSV. I have a few questions that are all kinda intertwined.

It has the surface temp gauge as part of the cluster. If Iíve done my research correctly the surface temp gauge is hooked through the paddle wheel of the perfect pass system (correct me if Iím wrong). The gauge doesnít read accurately anyways, and I donít have a depth sounder/gauge or anything like that and Iíd like to have one,in saying so
1) If the gauge isnít reading correctly could that mean the perfect pass isnít reading accurately?
2) If I disconnect the surface temp gauge and replace it with a hummingbird HDR650 will it mess up the perfect pass or throw any kind of codes?
3) If I canít disconnect does that mean Iím stuck putting an aftermarket fish finder on the dash to have any kind of depth gauge or is there other options?

Thanks in advance!!