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    Default What Is AutoWake?

    The 2018 AutoWake System is standard on all Supra’s and optional on the Moomba line (Standard on Mojo Pro). There is no replacement for displacement. When you calibrate your AutoWake for maximum wake size the system will automatically fill all of the ballast to the highest capacity. It considers how much total weight is in the boat, including passengers. When the boat realizes that there is too much weight on one side the AutoWake system will prompt you to move passengers. If no changes to the roll of the boat are made, the system will drain ballast to level out your vessel. This is not a complicated system. AutoWake can teach you how to be a better boat driver for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing.

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    Put in sales and information as this is an informational thread. Active isn't ready to chat.
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