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    Default Looking for cabin Speakers

    I know y'all are thinking what's Mr Exile man looking for speakers for lol

    My Brother in law just got his first boat, id like too gift him 4 cabins.

    He's not a huge audio person but I'm trying to get him any entire cabin system.

    I have an exile amp, and ZLD.
    Looking for cabins and possible a sub
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    What price range?
    I love Memphis audio 6.5's, that's what was in my '06 SSV.
    Carbon fiber cones, don't require lots of power. Best part is it's a component set but the tweeter can br mounted in the grill to make it fit like a coax speaker!

    And yes I know they're not 'marine' speakers... but I'd bet money they'll outlast how long he owns boat.

    I just realized this was in classifieds, not the audio section. Sorry! Thought you were looking for recommendations.
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    Mike, I might soon have some Polks that are gonna be in my hands to move...
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    I've never recommended a pair a jl's that the purchaser wasnt stoked with.

    Side by sides, tooners, etc

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