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    Went ahead and bought a Proline handle that’s both:
    A. Eliptical
    B. Radius
    Makes sense to me this would reduce hand fatigue, as I am an open water skier and sometimes go for a long one (i.e. 3-4 miles).
    (Will be 6 months before the ice is off the lake and I can find out for sure, but a $54 Fall special, so pulled the trigger).
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    You go with what you feel comfortable with. I use a straight handle with a elliptical handle. I didn't realize how important the handle is until this year. It's always been second nature to get up on the ski but I had problems this past summer with a friend's rope with a round handle as it didn't have enough grip as my hand strength has apparently degraded the past year. So now I bring my own handle. I've tried the curved handle but I couldn't get used to it and occasionally miss the hand switch.
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