Okay guys, I think I wrecked the the paint on our 05' Moomba Outback. We live in Saskatchewan, Canada, and really love the boat. However, the water is very hard at the lake, and my husband stored the boat last year without cleaning it. So I went to another boat dealer here, and asked for a produce to clean the boat. He sold me "Toon Brite". Spray it on, wait five minutes, and spray it off with water. To my surprise it left spray marks on the boat. Called the place where I bought it, and they said the boat must be really dirty, keep spraying, and scrubbing, it will come clean. 4 hours later, looks like I have run marks all over the boat. Oh, did I mention, that my husband was out of town, when I did this. Not sure if the boat is dirty, if I've gone through the gel coat, or if it got between the gel coat and it ran the paint.