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    Default 2016 Moomba Amp Settings

    For the last two summers I have left my stock kicker amps set to the original factory settings. I have the all factory speakers - 10" sub, 4 tower spin style speakers, 2 bow speakers, and 4 main cabin speakers. Amps are the Kicker KX 200.2 and KX M800.5. Has anyone changed the amp dial settings from the factory presets and feel they are getting more out of their system? Is so, can you take a couple pics of your setup?
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    While this method may offer some improvement you would be better off learning to tune yourself or have a pro do it (or even a friend with a little audio experience). In the meantime, start with this thread and advice from Phil at Kicker:
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    Yes, I changed the settings on my KX m800.5. Most likely moomba or your dealer is not tuning these. Every amp puts out a different amount of power and all settings should be set on an individual basis.

    I messed with the 200.2 for one day and then got rid of it and the 4 swivel spin speakers, replaced with some rev 8s and a wet sounds amp. Do some research in how to tune an amp, its not that difficult. I would suggest doing it on the water however. I have done it in my drive way only to start all over again once out on the water.
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    Sadly, most OEM amp installs have no consistency, even though the audio manufacturer has supplied specs. So yes, you will likely gain some improvments with a new tune, especially with the woofer. However, if your woofer is mounted with no enclosure behind it, you need to build and install an enclosure behind it in the .8 ft3 range. This is where you will really see a gain in performance, output and sound quality.

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    Thanks guys !

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