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Thread: Bilge Pump

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    Default Bilge Pump

    I've been fighting with my bilge pump all winter it seems

    Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.

    Sometimes it has low flow pressure other times it's fine lol

    Anyhow I ended up flushing the out line from the bilge to port drain that fixed flow issues

    Replacing it fixed the intermittent issue.

    The problem I have now is auto bilge isn't working

    The switch wire will turn on the pump, if I put the switched wire on the float side when you raise the float it will work also.

    My question is, I assume one wire is switched on and the other is hot all the time for the float on auto.

    Is there a separate breaker? I check all the ones under my dash.

    My main breaker is of course on as everything works as intended.

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    I also got a probleme with the auto mode. My Mojo 2.5 2013 has a 2 position switch (Off and On). The switch is working but the pump does not work at of position (when lot of water in). The Sahara S750 is supposed to work automatique in OFF position. Any idea to resolve it?

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