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    Quote Originally Posted by russellsmojo View Post
    Nautique sales results will never even know Moomba has this boat out. People are not spending $150k because they are chasing a better wake.

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    I agree totally. Many of the people dropping $150k into a wakeboard boat, don't need a boat that big to hold the large amounts of ballast they can carry, but rather to accommodate their overly inflated egos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 501 View Post
    I also think that with that much freeboard, why have the rear lockers full of bags? Isn't that the point of making the boats look like tug boats?
    subfloor ballast cost money. keep adding things like that and before you know it, you have a 100k moomba(although I have heard the mojo pro can sticker up to 91k which I will never get from a moomba- that's competing against a whole new class of manufacturers).
    not having seen one in person yet, the basic concept and size of this boat looks to be a good move for moomba even if it isn't the length others were looking for but with the basic hull done, it seems that they could add a few feet and end up with a 24.5ft boat pretty easy if market demands it. just not sure that the 24ft+ market is one worth going after.
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    When SC mentioned the maximum stock ballast that they can put into the boat they know owners will add a bunch more. I'm sure SC tested the Max with add on ballast to see what it is capable of doing and any issues that may arise from excessive loading. Equal displacement and equal rear hull shape will produce an equal wake. Anything above the waterline is bling. The only thing remaining is the wake diversion method and that is technology development that separates the companies.
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