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    Default 2007 Moomba LSV, trailer question

    I recently bought a 2007 lsv. The only way that the trailer attaches to the boat is with the winch at the bow of the boat. Are there supposed to be any straps attaching the stern of the boat to the trailer? Thanks

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    There are lifting eyelets at the rear of every boat, which you should be able to connect to the eyelets on the back of the trailer. Most of us bought the Boatbuckle G2 to do this:

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    If you're driving any distance at highway speeds, you should have straps at the bow and two stern eyes. These ensure your boat doesn't move if your trailer ends up somewhere it shouldn't in an accident situation.

    A short safety chain or cable is also a good idea to back up your bow strap when launching and landing. I've had winch straps break during these times, and it's a real tense moment when you realize your boat is riding up/down the ramp with nothing attached to it. This is what I added, with a stainless quick link:
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    The bow strap isn't worth a crap as a tie down as it only holds the boat forward, not down. Definitely get a cable, strap, etc. to secure your bow to the trailer. Those retractable ones are excellent for the rear. I have these (easy to find and have worked perfectly for years):
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