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    Wondering if anyone or everyone uses the nonstretch rope for skiing was told used mainly for wakeboarding . So should I drop a few bucks for nonstretch or is it really worth it mostly ski but starting to wakeboard now.

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    so do they
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    Have never used a non-strecth. The only thing I would suggest is that if you ever plan on skiing in torunaments, look into what they use at most tournaments. Buy that and get used to it. I think Masterline is pretty common on the tournament circuit. The AWSA or USWSA should be able to provide the right specs reagarding tournament ropes.

    I have skied on a lot of different ropes over the years, and ropes that people have said are really springy have never really bothered me. Personally - I have enough defects in my skiing I am not sure I am ready to add another variable (or would that be a non-variable?)

    It might be interesting to try.

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    I do the slalom course and I prefer the non stretch or low stretch rope. It's whatever you get use to. I ended up making my own non stretch rope and partition it at 15', 22', 28' off. You have to include the 5' handle.

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