I'm trying to figure out what size bags I have before I sell 2 of them. I have 3 Fly high bags that measure 22x22x50, seam to seamto seam. Is that an 1100 lb bag? It takes about 10.5 minutes to fill in my Mojo and that is not quite full as it won't will fill completely. Calculating the total water weight, this comes out to about 900 lbs (22*22*50)/(12*12*12)*(62.4 lbs/cubic foot)= 873 lbs

Now I also have a 24x24x42 Fly High bag and if you calculate the total water weight, this one comes out to about 900 lbs,(24*24*42)/(12*12*12)*(62.4 lbs/cubic foot) 873 lbs. Is this an 1100 lb bag?

I saw the post on wake world where a couple of guys actually filled a bunch of bags and weighed them but he didn't weight the FH 1100s.

I purchased all 4 of these bags as 1100 lb bags from various forum members.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow.