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    Default Buying used 93 boomerang What 4 what

    Please offer info on what to watch for. Typical wear points/abuse points.
    MR. Rich

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    The boomer is a pretty solid boat. I can't think of anything other than looking at the motor and general condition of upholstery and gel coat. Take a look at the oil and transmission fluid making sure there is no water, it will show up on the dipstick. I would also take it for a test drive before I bought it. See ya, and happy boating

    Jay Warren
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    Default 1997 Boomerang

    I am currently selling a 97 Boomerang. I have it listed at I am in Peachtree City Georgia. Off white boat with red accents.

    Not sure what price range you are in but my boat is in very good condition. Beautiful engine.

    Would love to show if interested.

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