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    Default Garage Heater Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Crane man View Post
    My garage is almost identical size with 12 ft ceilings. All insulated with concrete floor. I have a 50k btu mr heater that keeps it at 60 with no problems. I tend to do more projects in winter and can easily get to 70+ in below zero out side. I got mine from farm n fleet for $450. Took another $80 for gas line and exhaust venting, installed in 2 days. Not a hard job once the unit is hanging.
    Where did you hook up to for gas line? Does local utility company run one for free? Or did you tee off in house?

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    My garage is 24x26 attached garage with a 10 foot ceiling. I live in the Chicago area so the cars tend to be down in winter and that is prime time to repair/upgrade then.

    The garage is completely insulated and seldom gets below freezing. For the past few years I have been using a portable propane radiant heater. It will keep the garage at 45-50 but never quite felt comfortable.

    Last years’ Polar Vortex and my aging body motivated me to do something more.

    Above the garage is the master bedroom so doing a Natural Gas furnace was going to cause quite a bit of work for the chimney. My local laws state the top of the chimney must be above the highest peak on the house. So this ruled out a natural gas furnace.

    I broke down and decided to buy myself a Christmas present. I ordered an electric ceiling mount ProFusion EH-4604 from Northern Tool & Equipment like this It is rated at 17,000 BTU which is much better than the 7,000 BTU propane heater I had been using.

    I did have to run a 220V 30A circuit to the garage which wasn’t difficult. (I did get help to make sure it was done right). I used an AC disconnect switch so I can kill the power to the furnace when not in use. The installation was very simple and I am happy to say the garage was over 60 last night when the outside temperature was in the teens. I had the heater on the 5000 watt setting for about 30 minutes and then turned it back to 3000 watts.

    I have been using it for about 1 month on the weekends. The garage will be at 32-35 when I turn the heater on and usually <20 outside. It takes about 1.5 hours on the 5000 watt setting then I put it on the 4000 watt setting for another hour. Within 2.5 hours the garage is at or above 60. I set the furnace to the 3000 watt setting and it will run about 15 minutes every hour.

    I am very happy with the results, the fan has sufficient volume to move the air around and keep everything toasty!

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    Garage heater? Never heard of such a thing.
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    I put in a mr heater 50k btu for my 2 1/2 car attaches garage, it works great and was only $400 on amazon. They make a bigger one that’s 80k btu I believe.
    I had an hvac put in Incase it burns the house down, I don’t think insurance would cover the house if you DIY.

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    I have that model Dayton in my 20x24x8 detached garage. I have it set just high enough to keep stuff from freezing, and then turn it up while I'm working. Works fine, and hasn't been terribly expensive.
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