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    Default oil filter and change question

    Does anyone know if the oil filter in my sc350 is the same as the one my '12 LSV which had the 330 in it? Always used a K&N hp2002 in that.

    There was a great thread with all compatible filters awhile back, however I'm, struggling to find it.

    Long story short is I used to do all of my own service on the moomba and up until this point my dealership was doing all of the service on my supra as part of terms negotiated at the time of sale and thus that time period has ended and I cant stomach a $150 oil change via th dealership.

    I'm assuming the process is identical from the old boat, any help is surely appreciated.
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    Maybe check this thread in the HOW TO:
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    Indmar Oil Filter Equivalents

    Pennzoil PZ52 used on all 5.7L Models and all models with remote filters. Note: L96, LSA and LS3 Models above S/N 164786 use Pennzoil PZ167.

    Equivalent Filters
    Pennzoil PZ52 AC PF454 Fram PH8873 Mobil 1 M1-111 NAPA 7099 WIX 57099

    Pennzoil PZ167 used on all L96, LSA and LS3 Models above S/N 164786
    Equivalent Filters Pennzoil PZ167 AC PF48 Fram PH10060 Mobil 1 M1-113 NAPA 7060 WIX 57060

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