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    Default Adding aftermarket airfilter to Indmar Carb 310 in my MOBV

    Has anyone done this? Does it make a difference in HP or anything? I am thinking about adding one to my Indmar in my Mobius V. It has the stock 5.7 310 v8. Should i do it?

    What should I get?
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    Hi Preston, I would not add a after market airfilter to your boat. The one that is on there is a coast gaurd approved flame retardent filter. These are way different than regular automotive filters, changing the filter could put you at risk of a fire. The only way to get increased horse power from the filter is to increase airflow, so just make sure the existing filter is clean. thanks,

    Jay Warren
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    Hey i have a 2001 boomerang and i have an aftermarket four barrel Holley Carbuerater and a K&N air filter. Off my original 310 hp i now have about 330 hp. Im very happy with it and have had no problems. The only thing is an increase in fuel consumption. But ive never lost a race and my boat hulls a$$

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    I have a 2001 Boomerang with an aftermarket four barrel Holley carburater and a K&N air filter now producing 330 hp from my original 310 hp. I'm very very happy with the boat's performance and haven't had any problems with it. I would recommend doing it yourself if you don't mind more fuel consumption.

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    Default airage filterage

    Preston, wuz zappenin'? I suggest staying OEM. The safest and max. horses and speed are designed by Indmar,NMMA, and the Coast Gaurd, any alterations become your respnsibility. If top end or hole shots are the issue, I would play with prop. diameters and pitches close to the one you have.Brian Raymond

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