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    Default Time to start new chapter

    Well, the time has come to begin a new chapter in my career. Spent nine great years in my previous company and the time came to part ways, now to see what pans out over the next few weeks.

    Ideally I would like it if my Foundation could support me, but unfortunately I still need to work as I'm covering expenses for the foundation, wish it was the other way around.
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    Good luck, transitions sometimes are great and painless.
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    Default Time to start new chapter

    Ah yes good luck. hope you are able to find something you enjoy more than the last place you worked and pays better as a bonus!

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    Nine years in one company is a loooong time. I wish you a smooth and painless transition. Personally, I've changed my job three times and I remember that the transition from my 1st job to the 2nd was really hard. Good luck man!

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