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    Default Trailer hitch drop

    I've been searching for this and haven't found a definitive answer. Unfortunately don't have easy access to my trailer to measure. I have a 2012 MOJO with the boatmate dual axle trailer and I just bought a new tow vehicle, a 2016 Yukon Denali xl. Anyone know how much drop I need on my trailer hitch to level the trailer? Want to make sure I get this right before I pick it up from storage! Thanks!

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    Don't know the answer but great handle. Now you need the avatar to go with it.
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    That answer would need much more information and could change depending tire size, exact model trailer etc.. Measure The trailer and your input hitch is the only real way to be sure. I'm going to take a wild guess and say it is a 4in drop which is what I have on my Silverado 1500 4x4 factory height with oversize tires. Love to see pics!

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    Just as above, many variables. I use a 2 inch drop on my RAM 1500 and LSV, I also have air suspension so truck will always ride level with zero sag. My RAM 2500 I used a 6 inch drop. I am waiting until I get my SA450 before I buy a new hitch as I want to make sure that rides level. I would wait until you can have the Yukon and Mojo in the same place at the same time.
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    Thanks guys, love the boat and love the Denali. With 3 kids and 2 dogs, it was time to go big or go home I had a durango RT which I loved, but it was just too small. Towed the mojo ok, I used a 2 inch drop with that and it was pretty level. I'm guessing I probably need 4 with the Denali but will go measure. This summer I'll likely do some significant towing and bring it with me when I visit family in the midwest so I want to get it right. Will look into weight distributing as well.

    I was hoping this was a popular tow setup, but I can find some time to visit the boat, measure the drop, and stare at it for a bit until mid march when it's time to get back on the water.

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    What about measure your Durango hitch height and then the Denali. How much higher is the D and add that to drop down.
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    you could level the trailer, measure from ground to where the top of ball would be, thinking its something like 21", then measure the receiver and you should be able to see where it will be--figure the rear of the truck will drop 2-4", Mojo is nose heavy so it may be 4-5" when you hook up without any air assist system , im betting you don't want a drop but a riser or straight draw bar instead. As a example my 2011 Ram 1500 needed 2" riser to keep the LSV level
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    Quote Originally Posted by moombadaze View Post
    im betting you don't want a drop but a riser or straight draw bar instead. As a example my 2011 Ram 1500 needed 2" riser to keep the LSV level
    My thoughts as well.
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    My 08 Silverado CC LTZ 4x4 with factory 18x70X265 I needed a 2" rise to level the Mojo. Now I have a '16 GMC CC All Terrain factory 20x??? have yet to determine the needed draw bar.
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    I'd recommend getting an adjustable hitch. I have one as I tow multiple trailers and for whatever reason they all require different height! My hitch was like $120 but is aluminum so it won't rust, can handle 10k lbs and offers +/- drop of 10". Never worry again, just adjust when you need it.

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