Well installed the new blades today. All I can say is night & day difference. Wave had WAY more push and felt longer and cleaner. I'm a bigger guy @ 300lbs. When it was just my wife and daughter in the boat I could not go rope less. Today it was just me and a driver and I could instantly let go of the rope as if I had extra weight on surf side.

The new blade also fixed my goofy wave. Before it was completely washed out. Now it feels and looks great. Testing the goofy wave with me and a passenger on the boat (no rider) it was night and day better looking than before but still wasn't looking as good as I would hope.
Then I had my passenger move the ice chest and himself to the surf side and it cleaned up perfectly. I was really impressed.

Same goes for my regular wave as soon as I let my friend drive and I sat myself on the surf side it cleaned up perfectly. So I think I'm going to add a 250lb under sear bag to help when no one else is in the boat.

For the price I paid I couldn't be happier.'(until Flow 3.0 comes out) 😂

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