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    Makes me want to try to upload from my PC: error: Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolff supra21v View Post
    We got a lot of trees to remove ...
    So, how is this accomplished? What are the steps? Does removal include the roots? What heavy equipment, if any, is needed? How / where do you dispose of the timber? Thanks!
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    I have a trackhoe for digging the lake. So I am looking at putting a thumb on the trackhoe for pulling the trees than we will load the logs on the off road truck and pile them to the side. I got a lot of family and friend that burn wood that will come and cut the logs up. Than burn the brush that is left. As for roots we will pull out what we can but if they are at the bottom of the lake we will probably will not worry about them.

    I get in trouble a lot from my wife I can wipe trees out pretty fast with the trackhoe and she complains it takes many many of years to grow them back.
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