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    Default Nevermind the Groundhog- What's your target date to get out this year?

    So, what is the date you are shooting for this year? What's left to do?

    I am about to start a flooring project after I finish the carpet in my sons' room and my materials get here.

    Oh yeah, I also have a new Exile amp (XM30.2) to replace my ancient Exile 600.2. Thanks again for all of the help Brian from Exile. I really can't tell you all how helpful Brian can be if you just give him a call and explain what you are trying to do. He always seems to keep my best interests first. A pleasure to deal with every time. I'm really looking forward to jamming while I work on the flooring project.

    A couple of minor interior issues to deal with and I should be ready to roll. I think March 15 at the latest for me. Water is down below 60 before then on my river so I can't anyone else to go any earlier.
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    Oh sure rub it in.

    Me thinks Memorial weekend would be the EARLIEST in all reality. River and lakes will probably still be hanging in the high 50's low - 60's at that point.

    Pretty sure I toasted my impeller when winterizing so I've got that, maybe new plugs cap & rotor, and some other "want to" items on the list before being water ready.
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    well, since I can't even access the boat out of storage until 4/12, that would be the earliest, but most likely sometime after memorial day.
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    Around the 1st of July and I have nothing to do to it this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bergermaister View Post
    Pretty sure I toasted my impeller when winterizing
    I can relate. Although once I pulled the old one out, I did see it was missing a few chunks, so I was replacing it anyway. That said, I think I'm getting an impeller puller for next time.

    And thanks for the reminder, just ordered a new impeller.
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    End of April first of May , most likely
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    Default Nevermind the Groundhog- What's your target date to get out this year?

    Last week. Hope to be out again next week if we can get daytime temps up a bit.
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    I was out Last week on jester's new boat.

    Ole Beastia how ever won't see the water till March, after March first it just takes a non-rain day and temps over 55

    Shes about to go back to AWS for 2 more hair line cracks near the big repair last year.

    As for upgrades, right now there is no tower speakers on her, Sold them all, I will be installing new ones soon.
    Going to have a new Wake Plate Custom Made for Surfing to enhance Goofy, basically knock all the prop wash down.
    Looking to see if I can get the new 2015 Mojo Gunnel pads to fit.
    If the above works, then Relocate the pop up cleats to the sides.
    Looking into re-position my 15 Sub to be front fire instead of up fire into the dash. That will mean a new face panel.
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    every Saturday (when the wind isn't coming at you at 16mph)

    Hey sandm...what boat do you have now?

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    I am shooting for sometime in may.

    things to do.
    1. The boat is out of storage in my shop now. Got three more pieces of interior to pull out and take in for a new interior vinyl job.
    2. Got all the material for trim tabs (surf tabs) hoping to get somewhere with them this weekend. Been doing a lot of measuring and planning.
    3. While I got the boat seats pulled I was thinking of pulling the carpet and installing the minor moss or something like hydroturf or something.
    4. Also pulling the carpet in the back compartments and putting something else down seem to be wet under the sacs all the time.
    5. I also got a 2" hairline crack in my tower so we will be ginding it down and welding it back.
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