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    Default Perfect pass, ballast gauge, and wake plate gauge not working.

    I have a 2013 Moomba Mojo with 10 hours. I bought the boat new in May 2014. The perfect pass gauge, ballast gauge, and wake plate gauge stopped working properly. The wake plate gauge doesn't move but the wake plate itself is moving up and down perfectly. The perfect pass gauge beeps and boots up and then comes on when the boat is turned on, but the perfect pass cruise says "OFF" on the monitor and when I hit the ON/OFF button to turn the cruise control "ON", the gauge still reads "OFF". I can change the cruise control speed setting by hitting the up & down buttons and the speed setting does changes on the screen but the perfect pass cruise control won't turn on so it will not go to the speed I set. Also on the same gauge the ballasts all read 0% even when the ballasts are full. All
    my other gauges and systems seems to be working. The only local Moomba, came out to my dock for dock side service three times and couldn't fix the issue. They replaced the perfect pass gauge and the wake plate gauge and the new gauges did the exact same thing. Then they told me that they needed to take it to the shop to trouble shoot. They had the boat for 2 weeks in the shop and they still are no closer to knowing how to fix the issue. I am very frustrated. They tell me that they have gone back and forth with Moomba trouble shooting different things and haven't figured out the exact cause.

    I don't know what to do. There are no other dealers in Orlando who do Moomba warranty work. Has anyone had similar issues and did you find the exact cause and how did it get fixed?

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    It sounds like your issues are all tied to each other. I know that the PP systems are very sensitive to voltage. I would wonder if you're getting a bad ground or something?

    Why don't you call Perfect Pass and see what they have to say? They are very helpful and have always given me good customer service.
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    Default Perfect pass, ballast gauge, and wake plate gauge not working.

    I don't think you have perfect pass on a 13 Mojo. You probably have the Moomba Digital Cruise Pro.

    Sorry to hear about the issues, but it's tough to track down something electrical, but you're under warranty, so make the fix it. Elevate this to SC if you're not satisfied.
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    They are, on a 2005, all tied to one Circuit breaker, flip type. Mine is under the clove box on the wall. It has a red pin and a black lever, push the black lever back in. Pops oout when stuff hits red pin. It is hard to see, use a flashlight. 80% this is your problem.
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    Any luck getting the Perfect Pass issue fixed?
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