As the summer has gone on, we have progressively ended up with more and more people on the boat, lots of float time with people hanging off the back, and people sunning themselves on the rear deck. We have run into issues of where to put drinks (yes, even though there are 11 cup holders on the LSV already).

In surfing around Amazon I came across the following:

I picked up 4 of these to clamp on the back rail/eyelet area. This way people can float around the swim deck and don't have to worry about lost beverages if a wake rolls in.

I also came across these for those laying on the rear deck sunning:

The plan here is either to wedge in between the rear movable bench and the side seat to give 2 more drink holders on each side OR if the fit is too tight, pull the rear bench forward slightly and slide these between the bench and rear wall under the padding for 4 drink holders across the back bench.

I will play with these a bit tomorrow when we are out and see how they work.