Hi Everyone!
Im New to this forum and im very thankful for all the help its given me so far. Im looking to buy a wakesurf/wakeboard boat and I found a 2007 Moomba Outback V for 24500. I have a hesitation with this boat because the compression test was as follows:
Cylinder 1- 130psi
Cylinder 2- 125psi
Cylinder 3- 120psi
Cylinder 4- 120psi
Cylinder 5- 165psi
Cylinder 6- 160psi
Cylinder 7- 120psi
Cylinder 8- 150psi
also the alternator seized during the mechanical inspection due to corrosion and the tech was able to free it... for now.
I guess what Im asking is if this is normal or too low for a motor with 350 hours on it. do you think I could get more bang for my buck with something else?