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    Default Liquid Force Fiver?

    My local shop here has offered me a demo run on a board since I am having "issues" staying in the wake with my 4'8" Byerly Buzz. He gave me the LF Fiver (5'). Didn't get a chance to go out on it today (hoping this wknd) but I am just searching the web for some reviews and can't see too much.

    Anyone here rode this board before? It looks pretty beefy and isn't cheap! I was hoping to get something under 5 bills.
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    Default Liquid Force Fiver?

    Under $500 pretty much puts you on a board from a wakeboard company. Compression molded, production stuff. There are a few good skim styles ones out there, but I think you're heard pressed to find a god surf style other than a TripleX snagged off ebay or a blem from or

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