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    Quote Originally Posted by jstenger View Post
    Anyone notice the single exhaust?

    I did. Not very good looking on the trailer but I guess when its in the water you don't notice it. I was always a fan with the chrome exhaust outlets on the malibus haha. It has to look good even going down the hwy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gisepi View Post
    So I got to spend a little in a MOJO today in the show room. I definitely like the whole boat. The vinyl seems nicer I like the 3 piece carpet as well as the position of the heater for the 2015. Much nicer positioning than before and way easier to get to for servicing. Closed loop cooling as standard for all boats getting the 6.2. I can't wrap my head around the low cost bump from 2014 to 2015 especially with that option. I know that this is like an 8 thousand dollar option on other boats. I did however hear that the sbend tower is going to be a substantial upgrade though.

    As far as a showroom boat it looked pretty nice. Next week I will be demoing the same boat so I will come back here with reviews on how it performed and will try and remember pictures with weight setups as I plan on putting it through the works to see if I can justify the upgrade from my 2012.
    Did you get a chance to test one yet? Wondering if the wake is significantly different and will I not have to use my 1100 sac on the surf side etc etc.
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    x2 on the test ride, looking at ordering one and would love to hear from somebody whose tested one out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHMOJO View Post
    Did you get a chance to test one yet? Wondering if the wake is significantly different and will I not have to use my 1100 sac on the surf side etc etc.
    So i am still waiting on the test ride. My dealer is still working at getting me some time in one on the water. It will happen they just havnt been able to keep one in stock longer than a day or two. They reassure me i will be testing this year. And i will be posting my reviews on the wakeboard wake the moment i get off it. sorry to keep you guys hanging, and i am just itching.
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    Default Mojo Press Release 2015

    I got to demo a 2015 mojo two weeks ago. Overall I was impressed, very solid boat. No squeaks or rattles and plenty of power with the new raptor engine. Wake stayed clean down to 18 mph unloaded. Not impressed at all with the surf wave even with the surf package, to me it needed more weight in the rear. But it will still probably be the boat we go with and the first thing I'll do is throw my 1100# bags in the rear. BTW I liked the mojo better than the tige rz2 I got to demo the same week.
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