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    Default How long do you keep your boat?

    I'm curious to know how long you boat owners plan to keep your boats before they reach a point where they are too much trouble to maintain so is time to get a new one?

    I have bean told many times that "if you take care of it, it will last forever" yes I know that, but what is a reasonable amount of time that given regular upkeep that YOU would keep a boat before swapping it for a new/newer one?
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    I plan to keep my BODY my whole life!!! Sorry, couldn't resist your typo.....

    My .02....

    Assuming the boat still meets all your needs, I see no reason to change. I'm a fairly new inboard owner (little over a year) and traded up from my I/O that I had for about 10 yrs. That boat was in great shape and if the I/O still met all my needs I'm fairly sure I would still have it.

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    so far my boat ownership record is 7yrs
    Hey, Its Moomba time

    Its all about the dash - enjoy the dash, as that is your time between the dates
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    Longest I've kept a boat ,car,truck is 8 years .I usually get tired of looking at the same vehicle,this time around tho I may have to keep them longer:looking to purchase a villa in Costa Rica
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    My general rule of thumb for all my vehicles is 10 years, Got to get your moneys worth out of them!

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    I expect 10-12 years. Still driving my '01 Suburban.
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    Like above, as long as it suites you, or you get the itch. We are on year 4 now I believe.
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    Oh my gosh... I didn't realize my typo in the thread topic until now. Dang auto correct!

    I'm going to have to buy a boat about 5 years old in order to afford it. I know that many people say that boats are money pits but I think they have come a long way in reliability.

    Have any of you noticed a point in the boats life where maintenance cost jumps up?

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    8yrs on a 13yr, uh maybe 14yr old boat. Has seen a lot of transformation and reconditioning though. Could easily get another 8yrs+ out of it, maybe more.
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    Until I can afford to upgrade is my basic rule of thumb.

    I've had my 2000 Jeep TJ Rock Crawler since 2005. (I'd like to go a different direction with a 4 door JK Rubicon though but can't afford the jump.

    I had my 99 Ninja ZX6R for a couple years until it got stolen while I was going through my divorced and didn't have access to my house to store it in. After that, I got a 2005 Ninja ZX6R 636 (fuel injection and undertail exhaust) and since it's paid for and it's still more bike than I am rider, there's really no reason for me to ever change. But If I had the money, I'd step up to a BMW S1000RR in a heartbeat because they're straight sexy.

    I've had my 98 M3 Convertible since 2008. There's not much out there anywhere in the realm of affodability that would make me as happy.

    I got a 99 Audi A6 Avant as our "snow-wagon" and drove it until the tranny took a dump this spring. So I sold that as a fixer and upgraded to a 02 Audi S6 Avant.

    I have a Chalet Alpine hard sided popup a-frame camping trailer that our family has pretty much outgrown. I really want to upgrade to a small class C motorhome in the foreseeable future. Something that can tow the boat!!!

    I got my 92 Supra Sunsport in spring of 2013. Once I can upgrade to a v-drive that will make me happy, I'll do so. Honestly, I could see my next boat being the forever boat if I get a seating arrangement that makes me happy. If the Sunsport was a V-drive I'd be down to keep it way longer. But since it doesn't have the ability to have hidden hard-plumbed ballast, it'll eventually get retired when I can afford the V-drive jump. Luckily, I added a NSS-style surf system and that's dramatically changed the capability and versitility of the boat for the better, so it's making it easier to hang onto.
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