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    Default Travel with or without cover.

    We found the back cushion on the starboard side kept flying up even though it was snapped into place while travelling without the boat cover on with our 2014 LSV.
    Should we be snapping the walkthrough cover on or off?
    Any suggestions?

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    What cover do you have?
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    I'm thinking highway speeds won't be good for your walk thru cover if it the fabric one i have
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    try applying Velcro to the bottom of the seats, works for me when the cover is not on, or get a tow rated cover, I just got done towing 10hrs yesterday with my Evolutions cover on and no issues
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    I had this problem also so I added an extra snap to both left and right back cushions. I just bought a kit from amazon for around $10. Had some material laying around the house for the strap portion. I attached them to the opposite side of the factory straps. Haven't had a problem since.
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