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    Default fuel line question

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post...thought I posted last night but don't see it anywhere...

    2000 Moomba Outback (carbureted). Installing the second fuel pump in the hopes of cleaning up some starting problems.

    -fuel tank
    -6 to 8 feet of fuel line (flex acol type A1 J1527 ISO 7840 A1 CE 3/8" 99)
    -new fuel pump (Carter p/n 152-875)
    -5 inches of fuel line (flex acol type A1 J1527 ISO 7840 A1 CE 3/8" 99)
    -fuel filter/water separator
    -10 inches of fuel line (flex acol type A1 J1527 ISO 7840 A1 CE 3/8" 99)
    -existing fuel pump (the same Carter p/n 152-875)
    -6" of rubber hose and metal tubing up to engine.

    Question is...I've spliced the new fuel pump into the flex acol line just before the filter. Can I do that or do I need to be worried about pressure in the line coming out of the pump? Maybe this isn't a high pressure application and the existing line is fine on the output side? I ordered the vapor lock prevention kit from Bakes Marine online ( and I've seen the pump referred to as a "low pressure pump". I think I'm alright, but just want to make sure I don't need a different line on the output side of that pump.

    Thanks for your help.

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    So, figuring the fuel line is alright...just ran the boat on the river. Had some problems with the brass fittings that I installed on the fuel pump leaking ever so slightly. The pump says "do not use teflon", some users on the forum say they don't use anything, and the guy at the auto parts store told me to use this "aviation" grade pipe thread sealant that's ok to use on fuel lines. I went with the aviation sealant...but probably didn't use enough as I was worried about clogging the pump or filter with anything.

    Any tips to get these fittings to stop leaking?

    I noticed the existing fuel pump that was replaced at the dealer a couple years ago actually has teflon (or some type of) tape on the exposed threads that you can see. Maybe I should have just taped my threads? Or does gasoline eat away at teflon and that's why it's not used.

    Despite the leaks the boat ran like a champ and has never started so quickly when I turned the I think the extra fuel pump is gonna make a real difference.

    Thanks for any advice.

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