First and foremost, many many thanks to Mike Mandley and the Exile team. I could not have done this without them. Secondary thanks to the forum here and being able to see what people have done. Over the past 2 days, I was able to get the system upgraded on the LSV and love the results.

All the equipment is in my signature line.

All the speaker wire was run in the tower according to the "how to" on the forum. A slight snag was the tower foot on the 2010 was a little different than earlier models and we had to pop off the left side of the tower so we could fish the speaker wire down into the amp area.

We drilled up from the bottom where the lower support plate is. There is an oval cut out between the two side bolts, but this did not line up exactly with the center hole coming down from the tower (See pic). Also note while wiring the tower, I had a reel of electrical fish tape (spring steel) that came in quite handy through the process.

Day #1
Tower wired
Tower speakers mounted
Amps mounted (2010 came with an amp board mounted for the Kicker system)
Wired amps - Power/Ground/Speakers
Power distribution block mounted
Main power fuse block mounted
Ground distribution block mounted
6 cabin speakers swapped out
ZLD mounted along the side wall next to throttle. The dash did not have a solid spot to attach to in the 2010
Patch cables run from helm area down through center locker and over to opposite side
Speaker wired attached to the amps
Remote wires attached to the amp
7 hours.

Day #2
Went back and ran patch cable and speaker wire for future sub
Removed Kicker amp wiring (power/ground/fuse/patch cables)
Wired in ZLD into tower amp Power/Ground/Remote
Moved radio power & ground to the stereo battery (not on to blue sea switch)
Bridged the remote wire to Cabin amp and coupled with remote coming from head unit
Blue sea switch and ACR mounted, wired
Second battery added to the system
Cleaned up from install
Exile team tuned the boat
Ran into a quick issue with the cabin speakers and needed a Y connector to run the bow and main cabin

Battery #1
House fuse and items
G3 Ballast

Battery #2
Complete stereo system (Head unit, Amps)

The sound compared to the Kicker system is, well... there is no comparison. I did not add a sub (yet) and do get some good bass out of the cabin speakers. Brian and Mike convinced me I will want a sub, part of why I prewired all for a sub. Likely something I will do in this next off season.

I have the Fossil / Sand color combo and the black Exile speakers look great. Good contrast.
We were able to mount to the tower and still have room for the Z5 with some head room to walk under.

I still have to zip tie up some of the wiring, but got all working and will put the final touches on this weekend. All in all about 14 hours in the shop to get all this complete. Given it was my first time ever, I am guessing those who have done this before will be able to do it all a little faster.