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    Hey guys, thanks for the analysis and comments. Obviously I have a lot of work to do, but your coaching will certainly help me work on what I need and practice correctly, or at least try.

    So, sounds (and looks) like my handle needs work. The times when I lift the handle over my head is when the line slacks out and I'm trying to get the slack out instead of it jerking really hard or I'm trying to regain balance. Looks like I need to work on both not letting it slack too much and keeping my hands lower to absorb it. Also, Dan, you mentioned " Pull that handle lower, arms out, down at your lead hip" you mean pushing the handle down with arms straight or by arms out do you mean stretched out in front of me? Also, while approaching the wake am I correct to have my arms bent and at my sides?

    Both of you guys address my boat speed so I'll definitely pick that up. Should I try around 20 mph? Or bump it plus or minus .5? I do have gps perfect pass stargazer so I should be able to make small changes. Also, what exactly am I looking for with regards to speed? Todd, you mentioned I was dragging a bit, so by going faster I should plane out a bit more but not too fast to where I feel slippery or something?

    Edging...obviously needs work. lol. I think you both hit the nail on the head. I do edge hard, feel that speed come on thinking I need it to jump big, then get nervous, and relax the edge before the wake. On my set up, I'll also slow things down as to not be so rushed and work on being more progressive. Todd, I've never been able to edge out and coast, any tips on how to do that. I've tried edging harder as I go out further, but I seem to generate only more tension and no speed to coast.

    As far as bindings position...I'm so glad you saw that and pointed that out. That has been a concern and I meant to ask you guys about that. Is there any good rule of thumb? Shoulder width, slightly wider, how much duck? I'm going to widen mine at least one position each if not more.
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    Look at the riding position right away in this video:

    Tons of other value in that video too, but should answer your handle and arms questions right off the bat. Then watch them cut out, coast in towards the wake a bit, and set an edge that is progressively harder as they approach the wake, standing tall as they ride up the face of the wake.

    As for the boat speed just bump up to 20 mph and see what you think. And binding width just go shoulder width or slightly wider, ducked out so you are comfortable doing squats.

    Practice a bit with those changes and post another video of your progress. You're doing great!

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    Default New board help

    I agree with what was said above.

    If your binding are marked, about 12 degrees out is a good starting point for most people.

    You seemed to ride heavy on your back foot. That is likely causing the drag or plowing. If you can ride more evenly balanced that will help the edge out and coasting issue as well.

    Bringing the handle up high because of slack: to correct, after your jump keep the momentum going in that direction. Don't abruptly turn to go and jump again.

    As far as handle position goes. People have different body positions that work for them but the idea is to keep the handle in the general area of the hips or waist.

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    Jump forward in the air, and see where and how your feet are positioned when you land and set your bindings similar.
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