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    Yea, as you know, T and I used to teach people (who could get up on a wakeboard) how to get up on their surfboards using the wakeboard rope and at a distance (away from the boat) they were used to.

    Something caught her attention and she zoomed right over the rope. Rope was so tangled up, the dealer had to make repairs to the shaft bracket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    Yea, that was my first day getting up on a surf board (nailed it first try as I recall). Still have no idea how the rope got up in there.

    Hey, Smorris7, at 255 what the heck board are you riding anyway????????
    Honestly I can ride just about anything. What I normally ride is a Triple X Slayer Pro 5' and Ronix Parks Carbon Thruster,
    IS Black Pearl and Sweet Spot. The only one I have really had trouble with is the Triple X Skim 4'6. I think that one might be a little small for me... Although I can ride it pretty good behind my buddies G23.
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