Indmar 4060425. alternator belt change


9/16. Wrench and socket
6mm. Allen key , or Allen socket. NOT 7/32. You may strip the bolt
Extender for Allen key to get enough force to loosen
1 ice cold beer to quench your thirst

Difficulty. 2 out of 5
Time About 30 mins

Belt. Good year gator back 4060420. $26. It is 1/2 " smaller in length which I actually prefer as it clears impeller output hose and moves the alternator away from dripless seal fittings coming off transmission cooler


1. Remove impeller housing intake and output hoses
2. Loosen and remove 2 9/16 bolts that hold the impeller housing arm at the block as these are the easiest to access
3. Loosen lower Allen bolt on alternator. (This was tough on mine and I had to use a 12" pipe over the 6mm Allen key to gain leverage)
4. Loosen top 9/16 alternator bolt
5. Push in alternator to loosen belt
6. Remove old belt off drive shaft ,alternator, water pump and around impeller housing holding arm
7. Install new belt use wrench to push out alternator to get belt tight, approx 1/2 of play should be fine. Just push on alternator hard when tightening Allen bolt
8. Tighten top 9/16 alternator bolt, install 2 9/16 impeller housing arm bolts
9. Install 2 impeller housing hoses
10. Start engine and listen to the purr instead of the squeal. Check for leaks