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Thread: Boat Hours

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    When we sold our 02 it had 965 hours on it and it ran like a champ! The new MOJO has 35 this year.
    14 Mojo - 72 hours and growing
    02 Mobius LSV ---- Sold and always will be remembered as the one that started it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmb View Post
    Some of you have some pretty good hours on here. Wonder if I can reach 2000 hours. Im 56 years old. I dont know. My skiing runs are getting shorter.
    Find yourself a group of younger 30-somethings to ski with. That will keep you young and get more time on the water. If you are in a situation where you need to negotiate for someone to pull you and after one set everyone is ready to quit - skiing with a group of younger guys will enable you to get in an extra set and you get the support from other skiers. Makes a big diff for me ( 58 ) and probably skiing better than ever after 40 years on a slalom.
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