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    Quote Originally Posted by ninedriver View Post
    A few things to consider when pulling the dreaded tube. First of all I hope you don't have it hooked to the the tower, way too much load and could damage things. Second of all, if you have it hooked to the ski pylon like most everyone, that's still elevated enough that when you make a sharp turn the drag from the tube will actually pull (roll) the boat over more thus exposing your prop to a greater chance of cavitation.
    Also, as far as tube pulling technique. When you pull from the ski pylon, it's a lot more difficult to whip the tube around because when you turn, the boat is almost pivoting around the pylon (just forward of it) and you lose that tail whipping movement that most of us are used to on conventional ski boats. If you have a transom attach point, you may try hooking a tube there, but your riders will have to deal with more spray generated from rope splash.
    Interesting, I can see that happening. I attach the tube rope to the pylon. I'm going to pay more attention to if it only happens when i'm pulling a tube.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moombahighrider View Post
    That tube won't let go of the rope either.
    Well said...
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    I would never pull a tube from the tower. If you get slack in the rope of the tube (as you are whipping it around) and you have 2,3,or 4 people on a big tube, when that line goes tight it would put a HUGE jerk/pull on the tower. Just my .02
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