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    After watching the video, it looks like you have the basic idea but you were froze! Don't just stand there, bust a move ... and what Mike said.
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    Thanks yall for all the advice. I will give it another try this weekend. I am 185 lbs the board is the Liquid Force Fish I forget the dimensions, but I remember looking at the weight chart and we staying within that. I think I just need more practice and not to let go of the rope like yall are saying.

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    All great advice. I began wakesurfing for the first time this past weekend and what really clicked for me on the whole "keep moving" thing was the following;
    When you find yourself zooming towards the boat and apply the brake (shift weight aft), as soon as your fwd momentum stops, get back on the gas. Another words, don't brake until you're back in the pocket where you want to be and then get off the brake, too late, you'll wash out. Constant, constant subtle shifting of weight.
    Oh yeah, waaayyy addictive too!
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    [QUOTE=mdean22;247458]We have a 06 mobius lsv. When I wake surf I can only wake surf without the rope for 10 seconds or so before I go off the back end. What seems to work the best so far is filling the back ballast tank of the side I am attempting to surf and putting everyone in the boat on that side. We also put the wake plate up. I still can only wake surf for about 10 seconds without rope. Does anyone have any suggestions. Here is a video of it. Ignore the family in the audio yelling lol

    Hey, we're on Hartwell and if that's where you usually surf, you are welcome to come try out our wake just to see what it's like. We'd be happy to offer any suggestions though we're not experts by a long shot.

    We're over by the Asbury Park ramp.
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