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Thread: Recommended Oil

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    I had this same issue a couple weeks ago at the Lake of the Ozarks. It was the first time I needed to add oil and I figured I'd just beebop on over to the marina and pick up some Penzoil 15w40. No dice. No one carries it. So then I went to just any 15w40 but back pedaled when I realized most 15w40's are diesel oil. I run Mobil Delvac in my Duramax. I started reading as much as I could find before I dumped it in the LSV. There are equal parts information on NOT running diesel oil as there are FOR running it. What I found was for that much disinformation, I wasn't going to chance screwing up my motor. I called 4 separate marinas and spoke with their techs. All of them, told me not to run any type of diesel oil as it had detergents that could harm my motor (5.7 GM block/Indmar). They all independently told me to switch to any marine or racing oil with a 25w40 rating, stating that all Merc stuff had switched to it.

    That's my .02Ę but there are a ton of forum members here, and on other sites that have been running Rotella for a long time with no issues.
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    Default Recommended Oil

    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    I'm not sure the analysis for diesel engines in the articles would be the same for a gasoline marine engine.
    That's why I look at the lab analysis if the oil out of the bottle and pick what's best for me. In the end I doubt it will matter. I apologize that my screen shots are blurry when posted via taptalk. I hope the links at least provide pictures without being blurry. Again contributing to an oil thread is always a double edged sword. I don't expect to sway anyone to any particular brand.

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    Default Recommended Oil

    Jeffcook3 called SC and Indmar. Indmar said both oils ( valvoline 20w50 premium and rotella t diesel 15w40 ) will void warranty.

    Ordered pennzoil from amazon today.

    I think dealerships should be required to stock recommended oil.

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    From the owners manual.

    Indmar recommends 15W-40 Pennzoil Marine in their engines. If not available, use a 15W40 motor oil with an A.P.I. classification rating of SL/SJ/CI4/CH4/CG4 or equivalent. Synthetic oils are not recommended until after the engine has been run for 100 hours.

    No matter which brand oil you use, as long as it meets the class ratings you are fine.
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    Default Recommended Oil

    I was surprised to find out my dealer wasn't using the recommended fluids either. 20hr service and 1 year service was part of my purchase so I didn't think much of it.

    My dealer ended up using Merc full synthetic 20w40. I was a bit concerned about the incorrect weight but this oil is far superior to the Pen dyno oil IMO.

    Doesn't matter at this point, what's done is done and I'm sure the oil won't be the cause of any issues I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uniwarking View Post
    I'm sure the oil won't be the cause of any issues I have.
    You got that right. Maxpower made this point last time the oil issue came up on here. When was the last time anybody heard of engine failure on one of these from an incorrect oil? About never. The modern oils are pretty darn good and changing it on schedule is probably the most important thing you can do for longevity.
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    Dealer I bought my boat from was located next to a NAPA Auto Parts, and always used NAPA brand oil in every boat he serviced.

    I still use it.

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    Default has the Pennzoil 15w40 marine oil. Dont even have to go to the store
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    Default APIís Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System (EOLCS)

    The API certification on the bottle is all you need. The oils that meet the requirements including SC would be covered under warrenty with no exceptions. It would be a long day in court if the warrenty was voided for using an API certified oil that wasn't a "recommended" oil by SC. I think you would get support by the oil manufactorer if they found out someone was accusing them of manufactoring inferior oil that meets certification. It will never happen.
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