How To: Replace your trailer seal on your axle

After experiencing this dilemma back in April of this year and seeing that there are a couple of others out there (and more that potentially will experience this very same problem in the future), it was pointed out that I should write up a sticky and provide the steps. These steps will help you change a leaking seal and I am providing the pictures I took that will help those who are visual learners like myself.

I meant to do this back in May but life got in the way. Credit to ninedriver for having the issue and re-inspiring me and to kaneboats to helping to add the sticky! Ok enough of that, letís get to it!

Other thread I had started about replacing my seal:

Alternative Part#: National Part #470460, OD (outer diameter of seal is 2.56Ē) This seal was $9.99 from Advanced Auto, hereís there link:

The Trailer Buddy manual says if you are replacing a seal without Hypalon then apply a thin film of Permatex High-Temp RTV silicon gasket maker on the seal outside diameter and hub bore prior to installation (I did not but I hadnít read my manual either and in hindsight should have). Iíve had no problems though. The seals from the factory have Hypalon coating on the outside diameter.

First off, here is a diagram of the hub and spindle assemblies:

Now onto the steps:
1. Remove your wheel
2. Now you need to remove your calipers. You have to remove the caliper ďclipĒ first as shown here with the red arrows (I donít know the official name of this thing so bear with me).

3. Take a screwdriver and just pull out the clip in both holes remembering how it is set in place:

4. On the back of the caliper are two black caps that you'll need to remove that reveal hex bolts. You will need a #7 metric hex wrench to remove these hex bolts. (circled in RED, one cap has already been removed). Also next to these hex bolts are two other bolts you'll need a wrench to remove (I don't recall what size the wrench socket was, maybe 1/2"; circled in GREEN)

Cont'd because of the darn picture max limit