I picked up my new LSV a couple weeks ago and love it! But after my break in period I started playing around with the ballasts more and found my center tank wasn't filling. Pump ran and sounded good but wouldn't fill. Got home that night and opened up my center cover over fuel tank and found the 1" lines to the tank were routed over top the fuel tank instead of besides and pinched completely off by the deck. My dealer has been awesome and jumped me ahead to get it looked at but now it's in their shop down for a week or more as they talk with skiers choice engineers how to fix it. It takes a lot of time and research to buy a boat like this and it makes me question the quality control that skiers choice and moomba may be lacking. And the fact of course that the dealer didn't catch it on pdi! I'm super Frustrated seeing how up in northern alberta were lucky if we get 2 months of riding never mind having it in the shop for a couple weeks! Anyone else run into this problem???

2014 moomba möbius lsv