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    but where do I put why wet life jackets, my ski pylon is go for 3 before I start having to put them on the seats.
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    The 2014 SC version looks very similar to the Malibu version. I had a buddy who started a little machine shop few years ago and we were drafting plans to make one that would retrofit into my boat and hopefully others. I'm not sure if my mounting setup is the same as newer models though. That was the tricky part - there's no easy access to it inside that metal frame and mine has two through bolts that would conflict with the sliding portion. We felt that having the slide too short would result in being too weak and snapping or bending under a heavy load.

    At any rate, this project got put off over and over as he was trying to make a go of it but eventually his company closed down and the idea just stayed an idea.

    So instead, I took it to another machine shop last year and had them cut it down on a lathe. They matched the lines of the existing head. I was nervous about it being too short and unusable but it's really just about right. You could still accidentally sit on it and get a surprise, but when you freak out and flop off to the side you don't fall very far anymore. And now it seems like if you do hit it with a foot, you're more likely to step on it vs. stubbing a tow.

    Most people now don't even notice it but a few guys have seen it and kind of do a double take, like something's different with that but I'm not quite sure what.

    I'd still be interested in doing a popup style but will live with this until a better option presents itself.
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