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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdye View Post
    In the past, I have had the CIPA Extreme (3lens), Moomba factory upgrade mirror, and now mounted the CIPA Vision 180....WOW it is sweet. No more gap from the 3 lens and no more moving head to see rider around the tower.

    I brought off Amazon the mirror and mount for ~ 140 shipped.
    CIPA 2310 Black Deluxe Windshield Mirror Bracket
    CIPA 01600 Vision 180 Mirror Head

    Attachment 20097
    IMO $74 for that bracket is a ripoff. When I got my mirror, I bought both the CIPA extreme and the Vision. The extreme I bought was like $62 and came with the mirror mount. (that said, it appears they aren't selling that package anymore for that price, but even for the $95 shipped that the package costs now I'd almost be inclined to buy the extreme, keep the mount, and sell the extreme without the windshield mount). yeah, the $74 buys you the "deluxe" windshield mount. Meh. For that much money, you're almost to a tower arm mount. In fact, I've got an articulating tower arm for a 2" diameter tower for sale. It's currently priced at $85 shipped but I might be tempted to go a little lower even. However, it doesn't have the ball mount that the vision or extreme needs. Those are another $40 from what I've found.

    Shameless plug:

    2008 Moomba Mobius XLV. Monster Cargo Bimini, WS Rev 410's, Polk Cabins, Infinity Subs, PPI amps, WS420, Exile BT, upgraded ballast pumps, up to 3,500+ pounds of ballast, Blue LED's...

    1992 Supra Sunsport. **SOLD** 2k pounds ballast, Surf System, Blue LED's everywhere, decent audio system.

    Tow Rig: 2013 F150 Ecoboost FX4 (wife's rig) Other money pits include:1998 BMW M3 Cabrolet, 2002 Audic S6 Avant, 2005 Kawasaki ZX-6R 636.

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    Default Need advice on mirror upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by 168rod View Post
    Ordered the powder coat one and it's awesome ... Every time we're out on the lake, we're always asked where we purchased our mirror.
    I just ordered, should be in Friday for Father's Day weekend ! Thanks for all the great info.

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