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Thread: Mondo Ballast

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    The pinch point is at the nose.... the legs have lots of room to completely fill but the nose cannot completely fill up. I would take a look at the 750lb sum sac nose bag that just came out. I think the shape of it might work a bit better. I would be supprised if a 950lb bag would fill up in the mondo... but you could always fill until it pops the seat cushions and then back it off a touch to..
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    Thats the plan anyway. I know for sure it wont fill all the way. Im just hoping it will fill up more than an IBS due to the width of the nose. It looks like a much better shape for the Mondo than the IBS would be. The legs also look a lot thicker on the A24 bag. I guess we will see. I went ahead and ordered it last night. At worst it will fill up to the same as the IBS i guess.

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    I will be interested to see how it works. I was out today with some friends and we were really playing around with the wake while wake boarding. They are core wake boarders also. I typically have been filling the 900's half full with the hard tank and ibs full. This creates a fairly steep ramp which I am still not crazy about. We played around with speeds and it turns out to be less rampy if your running about 23 mph. I not crazy about going that fast because I am 44 and I should really stick to surfing (my knee is on ice as I type due to coming up short on a w2w). When my friends wife went we totally emptied the back and only filled the hard tank and ibs. Put the wake plate all the down and it really flattened it out for her (she has had 10 knee surgeries as a result of a bad landing 8 years ago). I think I would have liked the wake also. She was running 19.5 mph. Keep us up to date on your wake board findings. For me, if I load it up to 2950 lb the speed needs to be around 23 mph. At 20-21 mph (which i try to stick with) is just to steep.
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