I have a new to me 08 lsv with the assault 325 engine with right at 300hrs on it. I am having trouble starting the engine, sometimes it takes me 5-10 minutes to get it started and it doesnt seem to matter if its warm or not! And to beat it all you may just bump the key and it fire right up!! Here's how i start it, I turn the key on let the pump prime if nothing i do it a couple of times if that still doesnt work i pump the throttle a few times and sometimes that works sometimes not so im not seeing a pattern.. I have contacted the previous owner and he told me it always started good until last summer it started this and he replaced the fuel pump and it didnt do it anymore to him which i believe because when i test drove it i started it 3-4 times and it was fine.. Now I do have a friend with a 07 supra launch ssv and he has told me that the fuel filter would get hot on his and evaporate the fuel leaving it hydrolocked so he would sometimes run the blower the whole time he was stopped or pour a little water on the filter and it would fire right up? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I never experienced this with my 05 lsv so it's all new to me..