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    Default Ballast for Ski Locker 03 Mobius

    22 hours on the Mobius and Kids want bigger wake. Back ballast works well but doesnt seem to generate size. I would prefer to conceal the ballast in the front ski locker. Can anyone recomend a brand or size that fits well. Thanks for the help.
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    The fly high locker sack fits almost perfectly in the front ski locker. It holds around 375 lbs and you should be able to get it for $90 at most places. If you want an even bigger wake, look in to getting two 350 lb. sacks and but them on either side of your motor box.

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    In my 2001 Mobius I am running a Skylon Locker Sac. It claims to be 600LBS and fits very well into the ski locker, it sells for about $129.00. Actually there is plenty of room for more length wise but not width wise. I am running a Barefoot Industries 375LBS tube sac under the rear seat, You can fit 2 bags of 55LBS sand on each side of the rear bag with plenty of room. I also have several more sand bags for placement depending on the amount of people on the boat. This setup is totally hidden and helps add quite a bit to the size of the wake. Now that I think about it though, I think your boat has a hard tank in the back.

    Another option for a locker sac is
    They make great products, a lot of good feedback on them, and they can custom make any size sac for you. The costs are very competitive to do this.

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    Has anyone tried adding the stock center bag, it plumbs in to the current system and it comes with accesories? I am looking at adding that and a small sack in the rear locker.

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