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    Default Should I give exile a shot?

    I've been looking at adding more speakers on my tower, possibly going with another brand. I have 2 wetsounds rev8's and 2 wetsounds pro 60's, they sound good but I want cleaner sound at high volume closer to the boat. I saw some prices on a hybrid package from exile that was hard to beat compared to what it's gunna cost me to keep adding wetsounds. And everyone around my area has wetsounds I want something different. If your running some exiles I would like to hear what you think, sound quality, overall finish, mounts ect.. Pros-cons. Thanks.
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    Default Should I give exile a shot?

    Hell yes! I have two pro80's and I'd like to get into exile but I can't right now and spending a good amount of dough on a boat stereo just isn't smart so I am sticking with what I have. But if I had the opportunity and means I would def give them a shot. Brian is awesome and he posts on here all the time.
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    + one for EXILE from me
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    Uh, can't imagine running anything else on my tower.
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    they sound good but I want cleaner sound at high volume closer to the boat
    Cleaner sound and you have Rev series......I would 1st look at the signal source, tuning and amp wattage, not different or more speakers. When the sound quality drops at the upper volume levels, it clearly points to something that pre-speaker, as the speaker is just reproducing whats delivered to it. Poor signal source as in weak head-unit or music storage device, poor quality/compressed music files and less than ideal amp settings or not enough amplifier are usually the root causes.

    2nd, I would drop the Pro-60's from your setup and just run the Rev-8.

    3rd, if you want more output and deeper mid-bass extension, you need a larger speaker. No number of 8", whether its the Rev-8, Icon-8, XM9 or SXT9 (yes, they are in the 8" speaker category) will give you deeper mid-bass, just yield more output.

    I saw some prices on a hybrid package from exile that was hard to beat compared
    The Hybrid system is absolutely easy to beat. With the right speaker, the right amp and the right tune, there is no need to mix a coaxial with an HLCD to balance and smooth out the near-field listening. To properly drive a coaxial/HLCD mix, you need either dual 2 chnl amps, one for each speaker pair, or a very large 4 chnl that will deliver the needed power to each. Compare the cost of that 4 pod/dual amp setup to a single pair of larger HLCDs and you will see.

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    Love my exile!!!!
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    Default Should I give exile a shot?

    Very happy Exile customer here!
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    +1 for Exile........great products and Brian has given me not good but GREAT customer service and answered all of the stupid questions very promptly and in a fashion that this noob can understand.

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    If you go the Exile route what would you sell your wetsounds for?
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    Default Should I give exile a shot?

    +1 for Exile. Stellar products and service.

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