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Thread: Mastercraft NXT

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    Default Mastercraft NXT

    Has anyone seen this? Mastercraft is introducing a price point boat at 50K.
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    Default Mastercraft NXT

    Saw this on WW mentioned the other day. Just watched the vid they have and it's interesting. I still hate that stupid line Mastercraft employs on their boats, you know the one on the sides that goes down almost to a point then shoots back up. So ugly IMO.
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    They have to do something. Notice the ballast capacity is only 845LBS.
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    So it took them a while to realize not everyone wants to drop $100k on a boat?

    I heard the word "young buyer" repeated at least 20 times. Uh, ok.

    I hope for their sake their color combinations are not like a few of the peeks that were shown in the vid!
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    Agree their styling took a wrong turn a few years back. Funny how they are scrambling to compete with the other mfgs in the "price point" market. Also kind of funny that the el cheapo boat is now $50k.
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    Considering what has been posted on WW (Pricing Sheets) it's obvious the "50K All Day" is just a marketing ploy by MC with no actual meaning towards pricing of the boat.

    MSRP on just the boat without trailer or virtually ANYTHING is 63K according the pricing sheets that were posted.

    When options were added, it was above 80K! For a boat that is smaller, shallower, skinnier, with less ballast, and less standard features than the Mondo. Not to mention, it's not exactly attractive.

    This whole marketing ploy by MC is just to reel people in with big flashy "50K All Day" slogans that have literally ZERO merit in regards to the actual pricing.

    This boat only has a 91 inch beam and is only a 20 footer! ...not to mention doesn't include trailer or really anything else. I'm sure they will sell a bunch because it says "Mastercraft" on the side, but I for one will be laughing at the people who I see on the lake with one. The word sucker will be flashing across my mind repeatedly. Because I see no reason to purchase this over a Moomba or really any other price point boat besides the fact that it says "Mastercraft" on the side. And that will probably be an optional extra

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    fugly and cheap looking. MC took a bad turn in the looks dept years ago

    but what the heck is option " ready to go package" for $5400.00
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    Quote Originally Posted by moombadaze View Post
    but what the heck is option " ready to go package" for $5400.00
    That's the stuff you need to make the boat actually a prop, steering wheel, seats, etc.!!!

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    A price point boat at $50K? So they can justify keeping their other boat prices high? I guess I'm still waiting for the overseas manufactorer that can build a quality boat at a fraction of the cost of US labor.
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    Old school Stars and Stripes is the kind of boat MC needs to go back to. By far the best ski boat I have ever skied behind. For me, a "younger buyer" a Moomba is a better deal, hands down. I'll stick with my LSV and when an upgrade is due, Moomba will be my first choice.
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