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    Default Temp Gauge

    Hope you guys can help,

    the temp gauge is not reading anything...any advice on what to check?

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    Temperature sensors/gauges are pretty simple. There is a single wire connected to the sensor; check that to make sure it's secure. Then there is power and ground at the gauge; check both of those. The majority of the failures are in the wiring, most notably the ground connection. The actual sensor could have failed but that's much less likely, in my experience.

    I don't know what the thermostat/temp sensor housing looks like on an 05 LSV. On older 350 marine engines the housing was separated from the engine block by a thermostat gasket. You had to use a special gasket (non-automotive) that had little conductive beads in it to make a ground reference connection for the sensor. I don't think this is a concern in the more recent motors but I don't know for yours.
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    This happened to my boat on it's second time in the water. AWS replaced the thermostat and gauge is functioning normally now.

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    There are two sensors. The one on top of the intake manifold is for the computer and the one next to the water pump is for the gauge. If you ground it the gauge should peg. If it doesn't then you know your problem isn't with the sensor. My issue was with the large pin connector under the ending circuit breaker. The connection was bad.

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